Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Survivor: Worlds Apart with White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar

The Amazing Race twinnie, Natalie, winning Survivor: San Juan Del Sur was the first time in several Survivors where the winner seemed, to me, to be the worthy winner.

But, overall, multiple  times I almost bailed  on Survivor's latest edition, thinking the show had maybe come to its time to end.

Then, the last few episodes sort of redeemed San Juan Del Sur with some good strategizing and blindsiding, mostly by Natalie.

The two hour finale and reunion show seemed to be the best edited that I remember. Interspersing live elements from CBS Television City in Los Angeles was a good thing. Eliminating that embarrassing segment where the final three walk by tombstone crosses representing those who have gotten the boot is a good move. If I remember right that has been gone for a couple Survivor seasons now.

The #1 thing I did not like about Survivor: San Juan Del Sur was what seemed to me to be the overfeeding of the beach dwellers. Did anyone lose any weight?

The upcoming 30th season of Survivor looks promising. It premieres February 25, 2015.

What looks promising about the upcoming Survivor: Worlds Apart is the concept.

Regular people we have not seen before on Survivor or The Amazing Race.

Of course that could change once we meet the Survivors.

The concept is class warfare featuring White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar.

The goofy tribe names this time are Masaya ("White Collar"), Escameca ("Blue Collar") and Nagarote ("No Collar").

I suppose among the White Collars there could be someone well known like, I don't know, Bill Gates or Nancy Pelosi. Yeah, I'm sure that might happen.

I can not think of any well known Blue Collar type who might ruin that no one we already know about concept.

For No Collar I am thinking Paris Hilton would qualify. Okay, I would actually not object to Paris Hilton getting all down and dirty and hungry on Survivor.

I suppose, come February 25 of the new year of 2015, I will be watching the 30th season of Survivor....

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