Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wondering What Happened to Panda Ross Before Mario Lopez & Khloe Kardashian Were Hired To Host The X Factor

Fox's The X Factor was not in the Top 20 Nielsen Ratings this week. While NBC's The Voice was in the Top 10 at the #8 spot.

To my viewing eyes the 2nd season of The X Factor started off much better than the first season. Part of the improvement was being rid Steve Jones as the host and going with a no-host format in sort of a documentary style.

The no-host format will be coming to an end when The X Factor goes live, with Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian being co-hosts.

I think this pair being co-hosts will just add  to the mess that The X Factor has become. Maybe I am wrong, but I think a lot of TV viewers have Kardashian fatigue.

When The X Factor got past the initial auditions to what it calls "Boot Camp" the show, for me, started to be a mess.

"Boot Camp" seemed to be a confused jumble. What about this was a "Boot Camp"?

In the audition rounds a lady named Panda Ross made a HUGE impression. Simon Cowell opined that he felt like he was watching a legend. Panda Ross really seemed to have the X Factor. However, even though Panda made it to "Boot Camp" we saw no Panda. No Panda at all.

The missing Panda perplexed viewers. No explanation was given.

A couple comments gleaned from the Interwebs...

I don't get what's up with not showing her, even if she didn't make it. She was a  STAR during the auditions. The only thing I can think is, they didn't want her in the end and they were so worried about a backlash that they made her invisible during boot camp. I mean, isn't she like the ONLY one who got such a big segment in auditions not to even get a snippet during boot camp?

I agree. They only explanation for not showing her is that she did well, and they had no real justification for cutting her so they're just hoping people forgot her. Too bad she was so unforgettable.

The above comments are two among a lot of comments from viewers perplexed about the missing Panda.

On a Yahoo music blog called Reality Rocks, in a post titled Whatever Happened To Panda Ross? Simon Cowell’s ‘X Factor’ Boo Speaks I found an explanation about what happened to Panda at "Boot Camp" with some of the explanation in Panda's own words...

Well, Yahoo! is happy and relieved to report that Panda is alive and well--and 60 pounds slimmer, thanks to recent gastric bypass surgery--and she did recover from her illness in time to attend to Boot Camp. But why wasn't her time at Boot Camp shown? That's a bigger mystery.

"I'm so glad that you asked that question, because I'm wondering the same thing. Like, what happened?" says Panda in an exclusive Reality Rocks interview, discussing her bizarre lack of screentime this season. "But to be honest, my friend kind of pre-warned me that I might not get shown much. She said, 'Panda, don't get upset if you don't see yourself on TV, because you have a personality that's larger than life. So if they were to continue to show you on the show--and you're not the person that they're hoping to have win--they wouldn't want it to turn from the X Factor Show to the Panda Ross Show!'"

So here's what all the Panda Fandas watching at home didn't get to see: First, Panda performed a Boot Camp solo of Jennifer Hudson's "Love You I Do," which she basically turned into a serenade for her number-one "boo," Simon. "I had Simon as red as...I don't know, I'm just trying to think of the shiniest red thing I can think of! I just did the Panda Ross thing," she laughs. This was enough to get Panda through to the next stage, at which point the remaining contestants sang in groups. (Note: Hardly any of this season's Boot Camp group performances, by any of the contestants, were aired.) Panda remembers that she was completely unfamiliar with her group's number--shockingly, the Beatles' "With A Little Help From My Friends"--and that she "felt crazy because everybody knew that song, and I had to stay up all night to learn it. But I did awesome with it. I made sure that I threw a little classic Panda Ross in it. I took my hair down, and when it came time for me to sing the line, 'Could it be anybody,' I was looking straight towards Simon. I walked off and I was like, 'I nailed it!'"

Somehow I don't think we've heard the last of Panda Ross

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