Monday, October 1, 2012

Today I Cancelled Dancing With The Stars All-Stars

No. I will not be watching the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars All-Stars. Today when I turned on my TV and DVR I cancelled recording this particular iteration of this series.

I may be the only person who thinks so, but I think this All-Stars idea was a real bad one.

Over its many previous seasons I've learned to enjoy DWTS for a few reasons. One reason is half or more of the supposed "stars" are people I've never heard of. Many of those I've ended up liking.

Another reason I've learned to enjoy DWTS is it is entertaining to watch people who have about as much dance talent as I do, struggle to learn to dance, and then get better at it, week after week.

With this DWTS All-Stars we have several who have already won.


Of the All-Stars I only found 2 who I wanted to see again. That being Kirstie Alley and Pamela Anderson.

Well, Pamela Anderson got the boot the first week, at the end of that ridiculously stretched Tuesday night Results Show, which I fast forwarded through, with the only entertaining part being learning that Justin Bieber actually is a really talented kid.

I will likely set my DVR to record Dancing with the Stars again, next season, after it gets past this All-Stars nonsense.

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Jimmy Mackey said...

I wasn’t interested in Pamela, or Joey, so I’m glad they’re gone. It is interesting to see Kirstie dance though; she’s an underdog for sure. Bristol doesn’t interest me, but I like to see great dancing, so some of the others are entertaining. I’ve watched too long to quit now! LOL! My DISH coworker comes over each week so our families can watch together; a tradition that is years old. We save the episodes so we can have a “favorites” night at the end of the season with our top 4 episodes before we watch the finale results. My Hopper has enough room to store hundreds of shows in HD, so I can enjoy my favorite shows again rather than having to get the DVD’s.