Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cut the Cord with No Regrets & Plenty of TV to Watch

Way back in July of 2014 I cut the cord. Meaning I cancelled my cable TV service provided by AT & T's U-verse.

I cancelled AT & T's U-verse because the monthly bill was always in increase mode. And I was paying for a lot of cable channels which I did not watch.

Going cold turkey from cable TV was a much easier adjustment than I thought it would be.

A flat Leaf antennae brought good reception from a couple dozen local broadcasters, including FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and others. In HD with good picture quality.

I kept my internet connection. Via the internet connection content providers like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon and others are available.

YouTube has an amazing amount of free content available, old TV shows, movies.

It was only after cutting the cord that I discovered how easy it was to watch video on my smart phone. YouTube works excellently on the phone connected to my wi-fi connection.

After cutting the cord watching shows on my phone via YouTube has become my nightly pre-sleep in bed relaxing ritual.

I have read that the number of cable TV subscribers is rapidly dwindling. I think maybe that industry needs to re-invent itself or else it will go the way of video rental stores...

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Steve A said...

Unlike cable, I miss video rental stores. Redbox just isn't the same. Actually, we still have cable in Ocean Shores, since we can't get Seattle stations via an antenna and we don't want to get a box for local channels at my mom's house IN Seattle. The cord is totally cut in DFW, and we can even get the local DFW stations up here in Ocean Shores at no monthly cost.