Friday, January 24, 2014

Will The Justin Bieber Gang's Transcontinental Crime Spree Get Bieber Deported To Canada?

How much more trouble does Justin Bieber have to get in to get him finally deported back to Canada?

It would seem that Bieber's recent trans-continental crime spree would be enough to get him evicted from the United States.

The Bieber crime spree began a week or two ago when he and his gang attacked his next door neighbor's property in the Hollywood Hills, with an Egg Attack which resulted in thousands of dollars in damage.

How could eggs do that much damage I wondered when I read the crime report?

To deal with the Bieber Gang's Egg Attack the LA police sent in a SWAT team which somehow resulted in one African-American member of the Bieber Gang being arrested for some sort of drug possession. Was the entire Bieber Gang, including Justin, arrested and hauled to jail after the Egg Attack?

At some point after the Egg Attack the Bieber Gang headed to the east coast where Justin got himself in the news, again, by dropping tens of thousands of dollars at strip joints. For lap dances?  I don't know. The details were skimpy.

And then on Thursday, January 23,  Justin Bieber's bad behavior got him the worst trouble yet.

Apparently Bieber's 38 year old dad,  Jeremy, became part of the Bieber Gang for the Florida part of Bieber crime spree.

Bieber's dad organized a drag race, directing the Bieber Gang to use cars  to block access on Pine Tree Drive at 26th Street in Miami Beach.

Bieber drove a Lamborghini vehicle he did not own, in the drag race.

Police were summoned, Bieber was stopped, put up a profanity lace tirade at the idea the police would have the nerve to stop him.

The police noticed that Bieber reeked of alcohol and acted under the influence. Bieber did not use his right to remain silent and instead, rather stupidly, informed the police he'd been drinking beer, smoking marijuana and taking prescription  medications. Along with drag racing.

Bieber was then taken to the Miami Beach jail where I assume he was strip searched and then attired in the orange jail garb you see him wearing in his mugshot above.

That mugshot has caused some consternation among some of Bieber's dwindling number of fans, due to the fact that one can quite clearly see that Justin has a few pimples sprouting on his face.

And why would this cause any consternation you are sitting here wondering?

Well, Justin Bieber has a lucrative endorsement deal with Proactiv. Proactiv is an acne treatment, which either does not work very well or Justin is not using. Even though he endorses the product.

What's up next for the Bieber Gang one can not help but wonder? Has Bieber's downward spiral now hit its bottom? I suspect it has not.....

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