Monday, June 24, 2013

Naked & Afraid On The Discovery Channel Had Me Afraid But Not Naked

Watching Nik Wallenda successfully tightrope across a side canyon of the Grand Canyon, Sunday night on the Discovery Channel, I was not too afraid that he'd fall off the wire. What with the constantly praying to Jesus and God it would have just way too ironic had this stunt gone tragically awry.

The end of Skywire Live segued directly into Naked & Afraid.

Nik Wallenda had the common sense to keep his clothes on whilst walking the Skywire.

Keeping their clothes on was not the case on Naked & Afraid. I knew the premise of this show was that two people, a male and a female, who did not know each other, would be dropped off in a wilderness location, naked, with only one survival item.

But, I figured there would be a lot of pixelation to protect viewers from viewing any nakedness. I figured wrong. The fronts of both were blurred, with the female top front blurred, while the male's front top was left unblurred. But, the backside view of both was left totally unblurred, totally naked.

That is til the female fashioned a primitive covering out of vegetation.

I think this show might be a bigger viewer draw if it cast mactors, like Survivor is prone to do. Mactor is a term that means model/actor.

The wilderness location is a Costa Rican jungle. The episode opened showing one of the show's producers getting med-evacuated after getting bit by one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. Apparently the Costa Rican jungle has a lot of these snakes.

It did  not take long for the male to almost step on one.


I don't see how these people can possibly last the duration, I think it is 21 days. Foraging for food, shivering in rain, avoiding getting snakebit, angry monkeys.

I was sort of exhausted from watching the Nik Wallenda tightroping across the canyon extravaganza, so I hit the pause button before the end of the first episode of Naked & Afraid. I'll finish watching the episode later today. And then I'll decide if I want to record the series.

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