Monday, May 13, 2013

Will Survivor Caramoan Winner Cochran be on Survivor Blood vs. Water with his Mother?

Cochran winning Survivor: Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites made for a more satisfying ending, for me, than is the Survivor norm.

The jury interrogation of the final three was more entertaining than has been the norm for several seasons.

I particularly enjoyed the macabre stand-off between Brenda and Dawn, with Brenda insisting Dawn take out her teeth, which Dawn eventually did.

As Jeff Probst noted, in detail, at the Reunion, Cochran did go through a noticeable metamorphosis, going from the extremely pasty, socially awkward, nerd, to a still pasty, much less socially awkward, much more confident, non-nerd. Or not nearly so nerdy. And very articulate.

Speaking of the Reunion. It was very odd. Only those who made it to the jury, and the final three, were on the stage. No crazy Brandon Hantz was on the stage. No first to be booted, again, Francesca, no pig farmer with the unfortunate beard.

Most of the Survivors were not seen, yet we had time for Rob Mariano to plug a book, a visit with Rudy, he being from the very first Survivor, now well into his 80s, and looking no older than when he was on Survivor, and an awkward interview with a little girl named Julie who was tongue tied answering questions about Malcolm.

And we had time to see a clip of Malcolm in his starring role on the soap opera, The Bold & The Beautiful.

Usually the promo for the next season of Survivor gives viewers a fairly good idea of what might be different, or where it might be located. The title of the next season is Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

A little Googling brought me the info that Survivor: Blood vs. Water, the 27th season of Survivor, is also set in the Philippines. This time at a place called Cagayan on Palaui Island. Apparently returning castaway-mates will be playing with or against their family members.

Survivor: The Family Edition?

This does not sound like a good idea to me.

How about Survivor: Old School?

Where the entire cast is made up of ordinary people we have never seen before, who have never been on Survivor, or any other TV show. Have the tribes on a beach where food can actually be found, where the Survivors have to hunt and scrounge to keep from being hungry. With no helicopter rides to lavish buffet feasts rewards.

Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Please please please let their be no Hantz blood. Please.

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cd0103 said...

Amen, I want Old School also! I am afraid we will have both Hanz crazy people on the next one. Sigh..