Monday, April 8, 2013

I Am Joining The Millions Who No Longer Watch American Idol

In the picture we are looking at the Final 6 left standing on the 2013 version of American Idol.

The one standing on the far right is the last boy singing, he being Lazaro Arbos, a Cuban immigrant who stutters.

This past week's American Idol Results Show had Lazaro one of the Top 3 vote getters.

American Idol has plummeted in the Nielsen Ratings this year. American Idol is no longer America's #1 TV Show.

On various forums on the Interweb I have read speculation that for some unfathomable reason American Idol's producers decided to end the multi-year streak of a boy winning American Idol. That American Idol's producers would sabotage their show in this manner seems unlikely to me.

However, judging by the circumstantial evidence, I can see where one could make a case that this year's American Idol has been rigged to favor a girl winning.

It is well known that young girls and housebound housefraus make up the majority of those who bother to vote on American Idol. Hence the string of boys winning.

None of this year's final 5 boys were of the quality type of the sort who have won in the past, like last year's winner, Phillip Phillips. Or Scotty McCreery. Or Kris Allen. Or non-winners, like Casey James, who sang on this week's results show.

As the point in this year's American Idol where the final 5 boys were announced, it was down to Johnny Keyser and Devin Velez. Johnny was rejected, with Devin given the final spot.

When we first met Johnny Keyser he had Jennifer Lopez gushing that he was going to be a superstar. For reasons never explained, Johnny Keyser got the boot, that year, in Las Vegas. This year Johnny Keyser returned to similar type gushing.

I think a case could be made that Johnny Keyser would have a lock on the votes of young girls and housefraus, with a good shot at being this year's winner.

Instead we got 5 boys who really were not up to the American Idol par.

Lazaro Arbos is generating a lot of buzz from the Vote For The Worst crowd. With a lot of people thinking it would be amusing to thwart the American Idol producer's machinations by giving the win to Lazaro.

For me, I've lost interest in American Idol. I fast forwarded through last week's results show.

I am removing American Idol from my DVR recording cue. I am adding NBC's The Voice, it being a singing competition show that has been getting a lot of positive buzz. That and I really like The Voice's new judge, Shakira.

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