Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Real Beverly Hills Housewife Adrienne Maloof's Cougar Makeover With Recovered Drug Addict Sean Stewart

Adrienne Maloof & New Boy Toy
Ex-Drug Addict Sean Stewart
It is a little embarrassing that a couple of Bravo's Real Housewives franchises are among my guilty viewing pleasures.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is my favorite of these guilty pleasures, due to finding myself so frequently appalled or amused or both.

Take Adrienne Maloof, for instance. When I first met Adrienne, in Season 1, I thought her to be a bit of a snarky harmless airhead and an example of why inheriting a lot of money from a rich daddy may mess up the one who inherits all that unearned money.

By the end of Season 2 of RHOBH Adrienne took a precipitous Jill Zarin level of fall from fan grace, with the biggest reason being her bizarre accusations regarding Lisa Vanderpump, made at the Reunion Show, claiming Lisa had sold stories about Adrienne to the tabloids.

Season 3 of RHOBH has featured Adrienne's feud with fan favorite, Brandi Glanville. Brandi was a bit annoyed at Adrienne's duplicitiousness. Among the things that bugged Brandi was Adrienne sharing her childbirthing pains with the other housewives who had birthed babies.

Adrienne with her Ex-Husband Paul &
Adrienne's 3 Sons Who Did Not Exit
Adrienne's Womb
However, apparently, Adrienne did not give birth to her 3 children. She paid someone to do that job for her. This was the BIG SECRET that Brandi told at a gathering of the Housewives, at a restaurant.

What Brandi said was not shown by Bravo.

But, troubled former child star, Paris Hilton's aunt, Kim Richards, felt compelled to tell Adrienne that Brandi had revealed the non-secret that everyone already knew.

Kim's revelation came at some sort of business event of her brother-in-law's, he being the new fan non-favorite, Kim's sister Kyle's husband, Mauricio.

Mayhem was the result of Kim telling Adrienne the shocking news that Brandi had told people, who already knew about it, that Adrienne had used a surrogate to birth her boys, while parading around town faking being pregnant by having some sort of ever growing pregnancy pillow stuck to her unused babymaking zone.

After this shocking Kim revelation at the Mauricio business event, all sorts of volcanic venom erupted, with the worst eruptions coming from Adrienne's now ex-husband, Paul, and Adrienne herself, who viciously said Brandi was a neglectful mother and a drug user. Bravo aired the slander that came out of Adrienne's mouth.

Adrienne had her lawyers send Brandi a threatening letter of some sort. Soon the Surrogate-Gate Scandal spun out of control, causing dinner parties to turn into profanity spewing battlegrounds.

And now Adrienne, who is in her 50s, is being a cougar with the much younger son of rocker Rod Stewart, Sean Stewart, 32. Apparently Sean Stewart is also a Reality TV Star, showing up on one of those Celebrity Re-Hab shows that I've never watched.

Of his much maligned romance with the much older Adrienne, Sean said, "Age is but a number."

Very profound.


GG said...

Oh I am so glad that you are watching this show!
I had no idea that this was the info that Brandi had! Wow! This show is a train wreck but I just love it!

Durango TV said...

GG-----I suppose I should be embarrassed that I'm not embarrassed to admit I watch the Real Housewives. In addition to the Beverly Hills wives, I also watch New York City and Atlanta.

Last week's Atlanta episode with Kenya coming to a charity event attired to look like Phaedra, with a big ol' prosthetic donkey booty and a lot of her non-prosthetic booty exposed, well, I do not remember when I last laughed as hard as I laughed at that.

Have you discovered the Bravo blogs with the housewives? They are very amusing, both the blogs and the 100s of comments.