Thursday, November 1, 2012

First X Factor Live Show a Noisy Train Wreck along with Khloe Kardashian's Nipple Exposure

I did not notice it, but, apparently many other viewers did, that being the element of Wednesday night's first live show of this year's X Factor, getting the most buzz was host Khloe Kardashian's semi-exposed nipple, barely hidden under a sheer purple blouse, under which Khloe opted to wear no underwear in the form of a bra.

Methinks FOX needs to pull the plug on The X Factor. It ain't working. It's embarrassingly bad, yet sort of entertaining in a watching a train wreck sort of way.

The ridiculously over the top, over done productions that explode around and overwhelms the singers is so incredibly tacky and eye aching.

Willie Jones looked sort of shell shocked at the explosion of flash and dance surrounding him.

In the picture above that is Paige Thomas standing between Khloe and Mario Lopez. What she is wearing is a perfect example of how far off the good taste track The X Factor is.

Taking a tour of the Internet this morning I see the reaction to The X Factor trainwreck is almost universal. Below are some examples of what viewers are saying....

Despite all the flash Simon takes pride in showering on this show, every acts is coming off very amateurish and the result is more like a bad syndicated variety show than a talent competition with a $5 million contract as a prize.


Gawd this show is terrible. Anything that makes American Idol look amazingly riveting in comparison needs to die. I know the show has to distinguish itself, but I still really hate the Over  The Top production for every performance. Most of them can barely sing anyway so the wacky costumes, backup dancers, strobe lights, etc just exaggerate how awful and embarrassing they are. It all just seems so manufactured and fake, and the show feels manufactured and fake enough without all of that noise.


What a craptastic first show. Britney has horrible comments. Demi's bangs are distracting. Simon's plastic surgery and weight gain are disappointing. LA Reid is almost as bad as Randy Jackson.

Okay that gives you a small inkling of what some viewers were thinking about Wednesday first live X Factor show.

One thing about this supposed live show that I noticed is it does not seem like a live show. There are a lot of pre-produced segments. And the over the top visually noisy productions that dwarf the singing also do not seem live, even though, apparently, they are.

I was surprised that I did not find Khloe Kardashian to be a bad host. She was a bit of a trouble stirrer at times. She was sort of the best part of the show.

The weirdest part last night, to me, was Simon Cowell's comment after the performance by one of the groups he mentors, the boy band called EMBLEM 3, who got the pimp spot as last act of the night.

Of EMBLEM 3 Simon said, "Remember this night. You are seeing a future superstar here."

Apparently Simon Cowell is losing his mind, which would also explain his bad mistake of bringing this badly produced train wreck to American TV screens.

And paying the "winner" 5 million dollars.

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cheryl said...

this season has been disappointing. FIRST they need to get rid of the Khloe K she makes the show weem cheap with her stupid comments
2nd they need to tone down the drama surrounding the singers.