Friday, October 31, 2008

Durango TV

On the first day of 2008 I started my first blog. I've enjoyed blogging far more than I thought possible. The theme of my original blog was loosely based on me talking about my life in Texas. But I'd often stray into politics. Or TV.

I decided it'd be a fun thing to have a separate blog just to have a place to talk about TV. I'd stifle myself on my other blog regarding talking too much about TV due to it being a bit off the main theme, even if it was me talking about something I was doing in Texas, as in watching some TV show.

Now, I don't actually watch all that much TV. I am way below the norm in that regard. But I am adept at channel chasing. During lunch I'll catch snippets of shows, like MTV's appalling Parental Control. Or while watching TV during prime time I'll sometimes find I'm watched 3 or 4 shows at once. I'm great at multi-tasking.

In the past month I've added a DVR to my TV viewing. This has greatly amped up my ability to watch more TV in less time.

So, if my other blog is any indication, I will likely be turning into a TV Blogging maniac. We'll soon see....